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Monday, 3-Mar-2008 07:03 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Mary Higgins Clark


Thursday, 31-Jan-2008 06:54 Email | Share | | Bookmark
The Click Five @ the Blender Theater

Katie and I
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I won tix to go to the Click Five concert @ the Blender Theater!!! I decided to take Katie with me, we had so much fun!

This was the line up:
Atomic Tom
Article A
The Click 5

All the bands were awesome! After the show, downstairs at the merch tables all of the bands, except for TC5 were walking around. So I got to meet everyone which was pretty sweet!

Wednesday, 19-Dec-2007 12:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
The Great Debaters

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So let me start off by saying how amazing the Fordham Debate Society is!

We got invited by the movie people to what we thought was a screening of The Great Debaters, but soon found out it was more than that...
We got invited directly by Denzel Washington's people to the star-studded premiere of The Great Debaters! How cool is that?

The afternoon/night started off with a lot of hair and make-up thanks to ms. kathryn golec, who knows who you could meet there.... denzel perhaps?

soon enough it was time to leave for the show, hannah who was back from break had made it to fordham just on time! so the crew turned out to be hannah, faye, frank, meg, greg, and myself of course. We took the train then walked to the Ziegfeld. Wow is that theater pretty! So we get there and i'm shocked, i'm like wow an actual red carpet! I really wanted to walk on it, but I knew that that would not go well w/ the press and the team, but i mean would the press really know? So we go up the stairs towards the theater, and wow was the lobby filled, and there were appitizers, wine, chocolate covered strawberries, etc everywhere! It was pretty intense!

So we go get some food and take our seats. You know me, I cant sit still when I could meet some celebs, so hannah doesnt want to go, no suprise there. Greg ends up coming w/ me, the real reason being that he wants to get some food :-\ no suprise either, i mean he's a boy... On our way out of the theater towards the main open area, we bumped into Matt Scarola and Ali Huberlie, and Jason Sheltzer and his gf, what are the chances of that? Apparently Matt had gotten the tix from some LD connection. I guess columbia and princeton arent as cool as us at fordham Meanwhile we were waiting to meet some celebs, I see this kid who looks super familair so i go up to him and ask if we have met before, and it turns out to be Alex Bores, a LDer from Hunter!

We walk around for a bit and we see the paparazi taking pix of some random people who i later find out to be some models that arent that well known . All of a sudden Forest Whitaker comes up the escalator, so after a while of waiting we finally get to meet! He was super nice, and took a pic w/ me and signed my ticket

A while later we see denzel come in, he just walked right through so of course nobody was able to talk to him w/ all of the body guards he had. everyone follows him back to the theater where we then take our seats, we were in row K i believe.

Denzel, and the rest of the cast begin to talk about their experiences and about the movie.... i think the best part was when he was leaving. so my team stupidly puts me 1 seat away from the aisle....
Denzel is about to pass by us so I shout out at denzel...

Denzel: Yeah! GO RAMS!!! (with a fist pump)

My whole team was freaking otu teh whole time when i screamed at denzel, but died inside at his response. my whole team has a huge crush on him, especially faye then again who doesnt!

the movie starts, the movie is amazing! i was startled at one and screamed, which i could not live down the rest of the night.

As we left the theater, some of the up and coming stars, Jurnee Smollett and Nate Parker are standing there meeting people. I got to talk to them and take a pic w/ them. Both of them were super nice!

We then asked around about Denzel, but he had apparently left after he had made his appearance, so we decided to leave as well.

Saturday, 8-Dec-2007 06:42 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Hayden Panettiere @ Dooney & Bourke

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Hayden was promoting her new bag

Saturday, 14-Jul-2007 18:32 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Simon D-Tour @ Roosevelt Field

dale & evan
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Today we went to Roosevelt Field to see the PLAIN WHITE T'S and Permanent Me!!! We got there around 5 PM-ish. Since we got there early we were entering contests, getting freebee's etc. The guys from Greek were there, i have no idea who they are though... but they were pretty hott

So then the DJ, starte having contests and thigns like that, and then he called outnames of people that won VIP passes,and omg they called JACQUELINE TAM, and then they called out ELIZABETH TAM!!! I was super super super excited!!! We were goign to go meet the Plain White T's!!!!

So we chilled a while, then we were supposed to go to the back of the stage around 6PM so we did, but apparently it was the werong place and we were supposed to be somewher else, but luckily since there were a lot of us they let us meet them!!!

So we went to the 'green room' which is in the back room in the basement where they usually have their signings. Eventually we got to meet them! the guys were super nice!!! Beyond the typical Hey what's up? from the guys, Tom, the lead singer talked to me, and was like"so are you really a sagitarius?" (i was wearing my sagitarius shirt) and i was like yup and he was like cool!

THen they rushed us out cuz they had to go perform. So after that we went back up and just chilled, until they came out! they were amazing!!!!!!!!!

After they left they were like stick around we still ahve more contests going on, and then we'll tell u where u guys can meet the band, so duh of course i stuck around. they had some raffles, and then they had the raffle for $25 simon dollars, and omg they ecalled out my ticket #!!!!! how exciting is that?!?!

so they had another meet and greet after teh show, so i bought the CD so that we could get a pink bracelet to cut the line to meet them. while we were waiting i got to meet one of the guys from Permanent me who was really chill. so then tehy finally got up to us and i said hi to the guys, and tom was like 'hi again' he remembered me!!! and then we left.

we decided to wait for maw and paw around the fountain area in hopes of meeting/getting pix w/ the band afterwards; they were doing other stuff anyways. so maw comes down and guess what?!? she won a wii!!! how cool is that?!?!

so we chillaround then security started saying that we had to leave so we pretended to go to payless, then the line ended. one of the guys was still there talking to people as the other guys had already left, so i got to talk to him and got a pic w/ him!!!-D

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